What is URJA Finance Program?

URJA is a working capital finance program designed by Tata Steel and mjunction for the customers of Tata Steel ECA/Dealer distributors (Tata Astrum, Tata Steelium, Galvano). URJA aims to energize the entire ecosystem of Tata Steel Channel (ECA/Dealer Distributors) by enabling easy access of finance at competitive costs to their customers.

mjunction will provide an integrated single point platform for online finance facility on a real time basis. This facility will be provided based on the vintage, conduct and dependency of the borrower on Tata Steel distributor.

Benefits to the ECA/Dealers(Emerging Corporate Accounts – TSL Tier II)

  • Increase in liquidity

    Due to availability of funds

  • Borrowing at competitive terms

    Borrowing at competitive terms (unsecured)

  • Integrated platform

    For online finance from multiple lenders.

  • Building up of credit history

    For first time borrowers.

Benefits to Tata Steel distributors

  • Conversion of Credit sales

    Conversion of Credit sales into Cash

  • Increase in purchase from TSL

    Due to immediate realization of funds

  • Free bandwidth

    For activities like collection follow-up, payments, MIS, etc.

  • No collection cost

    No collection cost

  • Structured purchase requests

    Structured purchase requests

  • Reduce risk exposure

    From 100% trade credit to 20% in the form of FLDG

Cost Parameters

Lender’s Fee

  1. Rate of Int. – 11.5% to 14%; Processing fee – 0.25% - 0.5% of limit

mjunction’s platform Fee

  1. Option 1: 0.6% of sanctioned limit or
  2. Option 2: 0.12% of finance availed per transaction

Process Flow


  1. ECA/Dealers to communicate their need for finance to the distributors.
  2. Distributor to email list of interested ECA/Dealers along with their contact details to mjunction at financejunction@mjunction.in
  3. MJ executive to get in touch with the interested ECA/Dealers and explain them about URJA program
  4. MJ to share program details and Information Sheet Form with ECA/Dealers
  5. ECA/Dealer Customers to share the filled up form at financejunction@mjunction.in capturing their transaction, sales, and other details. Customers can also fill up the form online by clicking on https://finance.financejunction.in/FinanceWeb/urjaLeadGeneration.do
  6. MJ to evaluate the limit eligibility of the customer based on the data provided
  7. MJ to share the Evaluation report with TSL & distributor
  8. Distributor to provide their approval and letter of recommendation to MJ
  9. MJ to approach banks/NBFCs for limit sanction
  10. Banks/NBFCs to execute sanctioning documents with customers (collection & analysis)
  11. Banks/NBFCs to execute FLDG documentation with distributor
  12. MJ to register ECA/Dealer customer on financejunction portal
  13. Intimation of limit sanctioned sent to all stakeholders by MJ
  14. MJ, Dist. lender to get into tripartite agreement
  15. Bilateral agreement to be signed between MJ and ECA/Dealer
  16. MJ to train customers on using the financejunction portal for putting finance requests
  17. Customer to start using facility after the account/limit goes live

Post onboarding/Disbursement

  1. ECA/Dealer sends purchase order to distributor
  2. Distributor records Invoice details in Tally
  3. Distributor’s sales obtained by TSL SAP at day-end
  4. MJ pulls out distributors’ sales data from TSL SAP
  5. ECA/Dealer Logs in to MJ portal, selects Invoice, places finance request
  6. Banks/NBFCs mapped to the ECA/Dealer receives finance request.
  7. Payment is made to distributor’s account by Bank/NBFC on behalf of the ECA/Dealer
  8. MJ sends payment confirmation to distributor & ECA/Dealer
  9. ECA/Dealer to repay the finance availed back to the lender within its credit tenor

mjunction contact details

Please email us your queries at : financejunction@mjunction.in

You can also call us - 9163348120

For any technical difficulty please contact 033-66106421